Hidden Gems of Bermuda
Check out Hidden Gems of Bermuda to see different things to do in Bermuda, score points as you explore the island, and compete with your friends on the leaderboard to see who has visited the most attractions.
How Bermudian Are You Quiz
How Bermudian Are You? is an online quiz to determine how much you know about the history and culture of the island. Each time you take the quiz you are given a new set of questions to choose from.
The Legend of Sir George Somers
Play as Sir George Somers sailing from Lyme Regis to Jamestown in this educational and entertaining game for children and adults alike.


Bermuda Island Games celebrates our 2 year mark since launching the company! We have several things in the works so stay tuned! Read more

Bermuda Island Games is starting the latest project - "The Legend of Sir George Somers"! Bermuda's Royal Gazette had printed an article explaining how the company will be seeking sponsorship for the game over the next few months, and will hopefully be completed the venture by 2019 (410 years after the real Sea Venture). Read more

Hidden Gems of Bermuda are pleased to announce they have upgraded the game to include support for the latest iPhone X and Android devices. There have also been some bug fixes as well, thanks largely to those who sent us feedback on what they like and dislike. If you haven't downloaded the latest version, check on the App Store or Google Play to update now. Download game


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